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Here are some things that I've created or collected that don't fit anywhere else.

San Francisco seismic hazard zones

When I lived in San Francisco, I sometimes found myself wondering whether I was more likely to be swallowed by the earth or crushed by rubble when the Big One strikes, so in May 2010, I traced a huge PDF map from the California Department of Conversation showing San Francisco's seismic hazard zones into Google Earth. (The original PDF link has since gone dead; the California Earthquake Hazards Zone Application) may be its replacement.)

I imported the areas at risk of liquefaction and landslides into Google Maps, but the landslide map got split across several pages (and seems to have since disappeared?), so you may just want to download the KMZ file and view it in Google Earth instead.

Resident Evil sound clips

The original release of the first game in Capcom's Resident Evil franchise featured gloriously awful spoken dialogue. I'm not sure if it was the Japanese production team's shaky grasp of the English language or the Canadian-sounding voice actors' odd placement of emphasis, but something about it kept me laughing through the whole game.

Here's a zip file with every line that I found worthwhile. IMDB has first-name credits for the voice actors.

RSS feeds

I have some scripts that scrape a couple of websites and syndicate their updates as RSS feeds, suitable for reading in feed aggregators like Feedly.

Buying digital music

Why and how I buy music instead of subscribing to a streaming service.

Replacing a 2015 Subaru WRX's head unit

Possibly-helpful advice about replacing the stock Clarion head unit with a Sony XAV-AX150 in a 2015 Subaru WRX.

Parking permits for moving trucks in San Francisco

Visiting Boulder

The Last Guardian

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