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This page contains graphical stuff that I made long ago.

Bitmap fonts for X11

These fonts are getting smaller and less useful with the trend towards higher-DPI displays. I don't use them anymore myself, but here they are.

Smooth (6x13)

example text

Runt (5x10)

example text

Both fonts are available in Ubuntu's xfonts-artwiz package, and you can also download the compressed PCF files for smooth and runt.

Cloudy skin for Xine

This is a quick little skin that I made for the Xine media player, using difference clouds, noise, and blurring in The Gimp.

Xine screenshot

BlueSteel theme for Enlightenment

This is a popular theme that I made a long time ago for the Enlightenment window manager. My sense of aesthetics has changed since then.

desktop screenshot

I believe that the theme was included with Enlightenment 0.16; other people also ported it to a variety of different window managers.

I created an Eterm theme and a GKrellM theme to match the Enlightenment theme.